why your dropshipping website isn't converting

Are you getting a lot of visitors to your dropshipping website, just to see them leave without actually buying your products? This can be super frustrating, but don’t worry! I’m going to walk you through the most common reasons why your visitors might leave without spending any money on your dropshipping website.

I see this all the time on the forums I’m part of, I’ve seen people writing that they have had 1000’s visitors to their websites, with 0 sales and hardly anybody adding products to the cart. It can be difficult to pinpoint why your dropshipping website isn’t converting in the first place. But I often see some common mistakes dropshippers make that can deter people from buying anything.

Bad Sources Of Traffic To Your Dropshipping Website

So you may be getting a lot of visitors to your website, awesome that’s great! Getting visitors to your dropshipping website is one of the biggest challenges. However, if these visitors are not the types of customers that want to purchase your products, it is useless and a huge waste of time and money. Even if you manage to capture their email for remarketing purposes, they simply won’t convert.

So how can this happen? well, you’re probably driving traffic to your dropshipping website using incorrect targeting. Basically, you need to target the right people with your marketing, the right kind of people that enjoy a certain kind of content and that will also enjoy the content, products, or services you offer.

So let’s say you’re selling watches on your dropshipping website. You created an ad on Facebook and you targeted people that are into, let’s just say, travel. You will get a lot of people who are into traveling. Let’s say they’re very adventurous people. You may get a lot of these people going to your website to check things out.

However, people that like to travel might not be into buying watches. There is a specific kind of person that buys watches online, you need to hone in on that.

sell quality jewelry on your dropshipping website

So you may be getting a bunch of people that enjoy travel all together coming to your dropshipping website. Out of 100 visitors, maybe only 20 are the type of people that like watches and that would actually buy from your store. And then from those, the conversion rate is low. So you’re not even getting any sales from them.

How to target the right people with your ads

So what you need to do to combat this is change up your targeting. Really think about what your customers that would buy things from your store enjoy, what they like to do, and what their shopping habits are. Think about all of that and do a bunch of testing. Don’t just give up after trying one ad. The trick is to test tons of different audiences until you find ones that convert.

It took me forever to find a good audience, but once I found it, I was able to use a similar version of that audience for pretty much every product I was selling. It’s awesome. And that’s all you need to do, is find that specific audience that likes your specific product. And once you get this nice targeted traffic, you will see conversions start to shoot through the roof because those are actual customers.

Common Dropshipping Website Mistakes

Too many people think that dropshipping is a nice little get rich quick scheme. Because of this, they don’t put any effort into building their dropshipping website. They simply don’t make it look like a legitimate business. What I mean by this is that they rush their store design, and choose vague and generic domain names. Nothing really memorable.

  • People tend to use really terrible logos on their dropshipping website. If it doesn’t stand out and the image quality is bad, people won’t buy anything.
  • The titles of the items are very convoluted. A lot of them use the default Aliexpress titles which don’t look legit.
  • The pictures are very different amongst items. There’s no sense of coherency between them. Imagine coming to a website and seeing pictures of dog collars next to sundresses. That’s not legitimate looking at all and most people would immediately back out of there.

So what you need to do is actually make your websites look coherent. Don’t just rush through it. You’d be amazed at how much a good website design can influence your conversion rate. When people feel comfortable on your dropshipping website they’ll be a lot more willing to actually give you their credit card information.

If they don’t think your dropshipping website is trustworthy, they’re not going to place an order. Additionally what you can do is add trust badges to your website. You also need to have a privacy policy page and a returns policy page in place. All of these things that legitimate real companies have on their websites.

Why would you not make yourself look like a real company? You are. You’re selling products to customers. That is a business. You need to make yourself look legitimate, just like other businesses out there.

Sell Products On Your Dropshipping Website The Right Way

It really grinds my gears when people don’t actually try and sell their items. Many people put items on their store and that’s it. They’re like, oh, if I put a good item on there, they’ll come and they’ll buy it. No, that’s not how it works at all. What you need to do is sell your items. And there’s a few ways that you do this.

So what I’m going to be talking about here is in the context of the product page. So, of course, first of all, it’s very important to have a coherent dropshipping website, and a general theme surrounding everything, tying all the products together. This will make everything feel a lot more coherent, trustworthy, and easy to navigate.

sell quality jewelry on your dropshipping website

On the product page, you need a few things to really make this work. First of all, you need to have clear pricing. Offering discounts is also very important. Mark your price down so people feel like they’re getting a good deal. But don’t do it for every item and don’t do it too dramatically or they won’t believe it.

Use The Right Dropshipping Product Images

You need really good product images on your dropshipping website. A lot of the time with AliExpress, you’re not given very good images. They are often a little bit pixilated and don’t really highlight the product as well as they could.

Most of the images don’t show the product being worn by actual people or being used. So it’s very hard for customers to put themselves in the shoes of somebody that would own that product. Let’s take a bracelet, for example. If you were to have nice pictures of someone wearing a bracelet, your visitors can get an idea of how it would look on them. If you just have images of a bracelet on a black table that’s slightly pixilated and kind of small and obscured, it’s not going to do that well at all.

If the supplier does not offer good pictures of the product, especially of it being used, order the product yourself. If you have faith in the product and if people have shown great interest in it, then spend a few dollars to order it for yourself. Then you can take some pictures that look amazing!

Writing Good Dropshipping Product Descriptions

The product description is where you really sell the product. If you just go with the default bullet-point descriptions from AliExpress you will fail. These descriptions are not very appealing.

First of all, half the bullet points don’t make sense. Second of all, nobody cares about the specifications of a product unless it is important for the use of it. Nobody’s going to care if a bracelet is made of zinc alloy material. However, if it’s made out of real silver it might be worth mentioning!

Writing creative copy absolutely sells the product. Instead of talking about the product itself, talk about what the customer can gain from owning it. So for instance, if you’re selling a bracelet with a lion on it, you could write something like “Be like a lion, show the world that you are the king of the jungle.”

And then you can talk a little bit about product description, really talk it up, make it seem luxurious. I’d say I usually do about seven sentences per product description. I do a little bit more for my very popular products, really sell people on it.

sell quality jewelry on your dropshipping website

A lot of the products that you’re going to be selling aren’t jaw-dropping. People aren’t going to be scrambling over each other to give you their money for the product. You’re going to need to convince them to buy your products. the visitor might think that a product is kind of nice, but why should they spend their money on it?

You need to tell them why they should buy your products. You can get a lot of inspiration from looking at already established stores out there. Notice what their product descriptions look like for similar products and aim for the same vibe on your own website.

It does take a while to write good product descriptions for your dropshipping products. But I can tell you right now it’s going to pay off in the long run. It will definitely help you get those sales. So take your time and write them. You’re not going to regret it!

Final Thoughts

Those are the the most common reasons why you may be getting a lot of visitors to your store, but nobody’s actually converting. Think about what you just read in this article.

Look at your store critically, like it’s someone’s first time seeing it. If your store is anything like what I have described in this article you need to fix it. I can guarantee that if you fix these common mistakes you’re going to get at least a few sales.

These are the big glaring holes that I see in a lot of stores. If you want to get started and you want to avoid these three things I just told you about because if you don’t do these things right at the start if you remedy them and make your store actually look good right from the start, you can get sales on your very first day. It’s not going to be a grind if you start off fantastically. Right. So do that for yourself.

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