What is an Affiliate Marketing network?

An affiliate marketing network connects merchants with publishers. Joining a network makes it much easier for publishers to find profitable programs and offers to join. Affiliate networks also benefit the merchants by including payment processing, tracking solutions and access to publishers who are willing to promote their products and services.

Types of Affiliate Marketing networks

There are many different kinds of networks to choose from if you want to make money as an online marketer. Some are specialized in specific niches such as Health, Dating, Gambling, Fitness, etc. Others offer a wider range of offers from several niches.

networks across the internet vary in size and popularity. Most of the established networks collaborate with huge and well-known brands. Upcoming networks usually only work with smaller promotions and merchants.

What does it take to join?

If you want to join any network, you will have to apply and wait for the approval. Sending your application is free. But, there is no guarantee that it will be approved. The networks have to be very strict about their applicants to combat fraud in the online marketing industry.

The networks get their income from the merchants when sales are made. That’s why they try to prevent affiliates who generate fraudulent leads from joining.

Music affiliate program

The benefits of joining an affiliate marketing network

Most networks assign an affiliate manager to you when you join. In order to get the best results, your manager will help and guide you. The manager also has insights on what kind of traffic that converts well with the offers you choose to promote. This can be very valuable!

Keep in mind that the manager usually gets paid on a commission basis. So if you don’t make any money, he or she won’t either. Your assigned affiliate manager can also answer the questions you might have about the network rules, types of traffic, payouts, etc.

Tracking and conversions

The network provides information, affiliate links, and tracking tools that you will need to promote their offers. Most of them have their own dashboard with statistics so you can keep track of your traffic and conversions. A conversion means that a person does an action after entering a website via your affiliate link (Buys something, sign up to a newsletter, etc.) Since your earnings are based on the value of your conversions, it is vital to send quality traffic to the offers you promote!

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