Using an existing affiliate blog vs. creating a new one

The first thing that you have to think of when doing affiliate marketing is whether you are going to use an existing affiliate blog or create a completely new one to market your offers on. In this article, we explain the pros and cons of both of these approaches.

Promote products on your existing affiliate blog

If you have a blog up and running, you already have a certain Google ranking. Then you can focus your attention on your one site and over time you can get quite a high ranking with all search engines.

One of the advantages of using an existing affiliate blog is that you probably already receive an amount of traffic on a daily or weekly basis. This makes your chances of getting sales higher immediately after adding your affiliate offers.

In addition, if you have more than one affiliate offer on your blog, even if you put in activity promoting one of them, all the other offers will benefit from your efforts. You just have to concentrate on improving the ranking of your one site to increase traffic. Once you do this, if you have picked good offers and if you have designed your blog well, the sales will come.

A limited selection of product categories

The other side of this is that you will have to pick and choose the kind of offers that you can promote. For example, if you have a website that reviews electronics, you cannot start selling beauty products there. You can take your pick of any kind of electronics to promote, but you are limited to that product category.

You can try to work around this by creating a generalized website where you can promote anything you like. The problem with that is that such sites have no focus at all. If you want to sell home appliances, beauty products, herbal medicines, and books all in the same place, you will have to choose a name that is very general, like “” for example. Unfortunately, it also takes that much more work to bring it to the notice of search engines first and then to the notice of the public.

Using an existing affiliate blog vs. creating a new one

When a person is looking to purchase anything online, he or she is apt to click on the link that carries the name of the product that they wish to buy. For example, if you name your site people will realize that your site is providing reviews about phones. If on the other hand, you name your site nobody knows if you are connected in any way with phones and will not click on it. Furthermore, even the search engines will lower your ranking because they tend to give the best rankings to those sites that carry the search string in the site name itself.

Building separate blogs for different affiliate offers

This is the second option open to affiliates. They can choose to create different niche websites and then actively push their product online so that over time they get a good ranking with search engines, consequently resulting in increased sales. This is a good option in that each individual blog will be more targeted towards specific niches.

You can choose a site name that carries the keyword in the name of the site itself. As mentioned previously, sites that carry the keyword in their address not only have a good chance of getting high up in the rankings but are also the ones that are clicked on more frequently.

You will be targeting a certain product and can focus your attention on that single product, helping you build a good site, one of the prerequisites to getting traffic. Consumers online will only remain and read what you have written if the site looks nice and if the content is worth reading.

Targeted affiliate content

By focusing on a single niche, you are able to provide targeted content, what people are looking for. This increases your conversion ratio. On the other hand, you will have to create a different affiliate blog for every product that you promote. This will increase your work a hundredfold because instead of having one site where you can sell five different products, you will have one site selling one product.

This means that if you want to promote five offers, you will have to create five different affiliate blogs and work on all of them so that they all start becoming income streams for you.

It is a little difficult to decide what to do, and many people prefer to go the latter way, creating different blogs for different products because even if it is more work, it gives you more returns. This is the most common advice that you get with regards to affiliate marketing. Focus is everything and if you do not target one thing, a niche or a product, you cannot hit anything.

Yet, this is not always the case because if you create a generalized affiliate blog but are willing to work on it for some time, you are creating a brand, and over time people will start to recognize the brand. Once this happens, the sky is the limit on what you can promote.

Using an existing affiliate blog vs. creating a new one

Final notes

No matter if you use an existing affiliate blog or start a new one, doing online business takes time. Take as an example: The company was founded in 1995 but didn’t turn a profit until the end of 2001. Now it’s one of the biggest companies in the world with more than 2.4 billion dollars in profits each year.

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