Is Email Marketing Still Relevant?

Email marketing should be a part of your marketing strategy if you want to grow your online business. It is one of the most effective channels you can use to get amazing results. In this article we will cover 8 reasons why you should use email marketing and why it’s still relevant:

Email Marketing Is The King

If you have been doing online marketing for some time you might not think that email marketing is super exciting. There are so many other new platforms to try and use for your marketing purposes.

But before you spend all your time and energy on new social media platforms, you should keep in mind that email marketing is more effective than ever. Let’s look at some numbers:

Today more than 4,5 billion people worldwide use the internet. More than 3,9 billion of these people have an email account. That is 100 million more than the total amount of users on all social networks combined! And the number of email accounts keeps growing day by day.

Google estimates that more than 4,3 billion will be having an email account by 2023 (That is more than half of the worlds population). It is also estimated that people will send more than 340 billion emails on a daily basis within a few years.

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So now you know that email marketing is a solid growing concept. But why should you use it as a part of your marketing strategy?

#1: Email Marketing works for Both B2B And B2C

If your business is minded on B2C (Business to consumer) then you will be pleased to know that 99% of the user check their inbox every single day. Most people even spend more than 2 hours a day looking through their inbox.

If you work with B2B (Business to Business) email marketing can be very effective as well. The average employee spends around 27% of a workweek checking and answering incoming emails.

#2: You Have Control Over The Platform

A very important aspect of online marketing is to make sure that you have control over (Or own) the platforms you are using. Basing your marketing on platforms such as Facebook and paid advertising is super unreliable.

For example, if Facebook decides that your account should be deleted for some reason, you lose everything. When you stop paying for ads Google will stop sending you traffic. You get the picture!

Email marketing, on the other hand, is a channel that you “own”. Your email list is an asset that you can use for multiple purposes without the fear of getting your account deleted or your budget running out.

#3: Communicate With Your Target Audience Directly

Unlike most other traditional types of marketing, using email marketing is a direct way to communicate with your target audience. According to surveys, 48% of consumers would like to receive promotions weekly from their favorite brands. 57% of these consumers even check their inbox every day before doing anything else online.

Important note

Keep in mind that people sign up to receive content from you, but they might unsubscribe just as quickly if you don’t deliver what they want!

#4: Email Marketing Can Be Automated

Back in the day’s email marketing consisted of spamming subscribers with the same message over and over again. That has changed a lot and today most online marketers use automation tools instead to plan and structure their email flows.

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If you want success with email marketing you should create optimized email flows for your target audience. This will definitely increase your opening rates and your overall clickthrough rate!

#5: Marketing On Multiple Devices

It is important to note that emails can be read on all devices unlike other types of marketing. In fact, more than 60% of all emails are opened on smartphones and tablets which is a big deal.

This means that you have to optimize your email campaigns for these devices to give your target audience a good experience when viewing your content.

No matter what niche or industry you’re in you can benefit from doing email marketing. As long as you keep in mind that people use their phones more than ever before.

Don’t assume that all your email newsletters will be opened on desktops because you sell computer equipment.

#6: Building Relations With Your Target Audience

When talking about building relations and engaging with your target audience, most marketers point to social media. But in reality, email marketing is a much more effective way of doing it.

Most small and medium-sized businesses use email as their primary tool to convert leads into paying customers. It is also a very good way of keeping your existing customers, by publishing newsletters, good offers, and more.

Even though social media feels personal, the email inbox is even more private. It is less crowded and the content in people’s inboxes is much more likely to be read than random posts on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.

#7: Email Marketing Is Cost-efficient

There are many different strategies you can use in digital marketing. Some are more cost-efficient than others, but they don’t come close to email marketing. According to the Direct Marketing Association, the average return per dollar spent is 41 dollars which is a very high return!

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It shouldn’t be a surprise by now that email marketing can give you a better ROI (Return On Investment). But on top of that, you even get metrics that you can measure and analyze for further optimization.

#8: Your Content Can Be Shared

When you send emails to your target audience they might even send it to their friends or share it on social media. Of Course, they need to like the content you’re sending.

This is something that most marketers don’t consider: Your content might end up in multiple inboxes or as a link in the Facebook Messenger, because of people sharing it with their friends, family, and colleagues.

This concept is called Dark Social Sharing because it is impossible to track who is doing it and how much impact it has on your online business.

#9: Drive More Traffic To Your Website

If you want to generate more traffic to your website you should definitely start doing email marketing. In the long run, you will build lists of targeted people that you can send to your website whenever you have something exciting to show them.

As the lists grow you will even start seeing spikes in your website traffic whenever you send out an email. That’s pretty cool, right?

Final Notes

So you made it this far… Congrats 🙂

Email marketing is super powerful and we hope that you agree by now. Here is a little recap of the most essential points in this article:

  • If you don’t do email marketing you’re missing out on a lot of potential website traffic and profit.
  • You control the platform and people sign up because they are interested in what you offer.
  • Email marketing is the perfect way to communicate directly with your target audience.
  • You can and should automate the process.
  • Optimizing your campaigns for different devices is a must.
  • Building relations with your target audience becomes easy.
  • Email marketing is a very cost-efficient marketing method that can be used to drive tons of traffic to your website.

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